Students arrived at Robins Campus for athletics by bus, unpacked their luggage, and then were eagerly greeted by the entire Collegiate delegation and Head of School, Mr. Keith Evans.  After an overview of the program from Director of International Education, Clare Sisisky, students went outside in the brilliant sunshine to engage in retreat icebreakers.

In American culture, retreats are often used as an opportunity for groups to engage in skill building and trust exercises to help them work better as a team.  They are used by a variety of institutions, from corporations to schools.  Our retreat activities were led by two Collegiate teachers, Kathy Wrenn, Physical Education, and Jenny Hundley, Drama.

Ice-Breaker Activities were lead by Collegiate senior ambassador Barrett Redmond. She coordinated the senior team in running various games and activities to “break the ice” between the students from all over the world.

The students later engaged in more in-depth team building activities, led by various Collegiate faculty with guidance from Health and Wellness Coordinator, Kathy Wrenn, and with the assistance of several junior ambassadors. The team building initiatives help all the students to feel more comfortable working together, and set the tone for the week long collaborative atmosphere.

Environmental Issue Presentations

Presentations by delegates from each country centered around an environmental issue or injustice. Each group researched an issue about which they are concerned in their local community. After each group presented today on their chosen issue today, all the students selected issues on which they wanted to work. The students were then regrouped into new teams. They will work with Collegiate faculty, led by Director of Economics Education Cathy Melton, throughout the week on designing new products or ideas to positively impact these environmental issues. The students worked today to get to know their new team, so they can value the wealth of perspectives and experiences and harness them to further innovation.