As students from all over the world join our Collegiate community next week for the International Emerging Leaders Conference 2012, the 16 Collegiate senior participants engaged in a photography project which allowed them to consider how those from another country form perceptions of America.

Under the direction of nationally recognized photographer Dean Whitbeck, students were asked to create a visual record by taking photographs of where they live, go to school, shop and play for students from another country. If given the opportunity to have this visual record sealed, sent, and displayed in a school’s library in another country what particular streets, buildings, artifacts or monuments would they include from their “world” to document? Who are the people they would include in their visual record?

The process of photographing their world was about the opportunity to create and control the perceptions and stereotypes that others from another part of the world form about America through visual representation.

Students, working in pairs, photographed their world using simple point and shoot FILM cameras then mounted their images on poster board to present to the class.

What follows are some of the individual photographs and posters from the project.  Amazing work!